The classic board game on your PC


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HeroQuest, the legendary board game from Games Workshop, is now available on PC for gamers to enjoy a digital version from the comfort of their computer screen, and without having to gather a group of friends together in the same place.

Also, although playing a game of HeroQuest with up to three friends is great fun, it is not always possible for everyone to be free at the same time. This is why this version is so appealing.

The gamplay will be familiar to anyone who has played HeroQuest before, as it stays very close to the original board game. All that has changed, of course, is that the dice are rolled automatically by the computer, accelerating some processes such as fighting, opening doors and disarming traps.

In addition to the main campaign, this version of HeroQuest also features various additional campaigns that allow you to enjoy many more adventures (some of which are available from the author's website). And as if this were not enough, you also have a full campaign editor at your disposal .

HeroQuest is a very entertaining game that, while missing some of the board game´s charm, retains many of its good points and allows you to play whenever you like.
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